Colours n Must

Evening sun through plum & blackcurrant
Evening sun through Plum & Blackcurrant

Elderberry and Blackberries crushed
Elderberry and Blackberry crushed

Elderberry and Blackberry Must
Elderberry & Blackberry must

Blackcurrant by the glass
Blackcurrant Glass


Brew your Hedgerow

Just to confirm and remind that there will be a brewing workshop in Small World Theatre on June 21st.

The first workshop focuses on flower wines and you will start the day with a foraging walk gathering fragrant elderflowers to make a delicious collective wine at Small World Theatre. Look at the equipment needed for wine making, discover various dried and fresh seasonal flowers, learn wine making methods and troubleshooting, and of course wine tasting! Participants will have the opportunity to come back and collect a bottle of wine later in the year.

for more info and to book your place go here

3 stages of elderflower

Pear Wine

Bit out of season but I saw 2 bags of pears reduced in the Co-Op and thought id give it a try…
I do remember having some Pear wine many years ago and it being deliciously peary and nice, fingers crossed!

about 3lb Conference Pears (roughly chopped into small bits)
1Kg Sugar
1 Lemon juiced

Pear Wine


Pear Wine