Inflatable rose petals


A curious result of fermenting roses is the cushion like, inflated petals in the must.


Rose Petal 2013

Rose Petal Winemaking

A quick wander around today and I found enough for 2 gallons I reckon.


4Pts Rose petals Mixed varieties, not that heavily scented
2kg sugar

2 lemons

12Pts Water



Making the Elderflower made me think of other flower wines I’ve made.  Rose petal has been wonderful though infrequent, bizarrely most rose growers want to enjoy them on the plant rather than brew them!
Rose petal 2010

About a pint of petals, (in this one I’m using a mix of varieties, the heavier the scent the better.)
6 pints water
1kg Sugar
1 litre white grape juice
Citric Acid (1 lemon)

Cover the petals in water, add sugar, juice, citric acid and a campden tablet.  Leave 24hrs. Add wine yeast and nutrient. Leave for 5 days then strain into a demijohn with an airlock.

rose petal 2011 rose petal 2011
Rose Petal 2011


Now then, I’ve never had much luck with Elderflower wine…Well not that it goes wrong or anything, just that I’m not that keen on it, but then I prefer a red…

As most of my wines come out dry and strong, my Elderflower always seems a bit strange, perhaps too many flowers.  This year I plan to use less flowers and hopefully it will be less like cat pee.

Elderflower - Picked not srtripped

1 pt flowers, removed from stalks
1 Lemon, juiced
6pts cold water
1/2 cup strong tea
1KG Sugar

Ferment in a bucket for 2-3 days stirring daily then strain into a demijohn, fit airlock and wait an month or so…