Raspberry Crush

3lb Raspberries, 1Kg Sugar, Water
(Sony A1E with Century .65X Wide Converter, 1/12 shutter speed)


Getting Fruity

Just under 4lb of Blackcurrants from the Naturewise Teifi Community Forest Garden.
A day after adding yeast, before and after stirring.
Blackcurrants Must Stirred Blackcurrant Must
4lb Blackcurrants, 1kg Sugar, Water, Yeast, Nutrient

Another gallon’s worth! 3lb washed Blackcurrants from the lovely Kathryn
Blackcurrants Washed


Washing around 3lb Raspberries (with a few loganberries) from the Naturewise Teifi Community Forest Garden
Raspberries Washing Raspberries

Airlock on Paper

But is it art?

Rose petals, Water, Sugar, Lemons, Yeast, Demijohn, Airlock, Sunlight (setting), Paper.
Another 6 gallons of wine can be heard in the background, along with some neighbours and a neighbour’s dog (probably Jack).