Meadowsweet Ale

Amazing smell this prolific native plant.  Apparently the name is derived its use as a flavouring in Mead, from ‘Mead Sweet’


Much the same as making elderflower wine or beer, I roughly strip the flowers from the stalks (I used about 3 pints of stripped flowers for 2 gallons this time) and covered with water and 1lb sugar per gallon.  I added a general purpose brewing yeast and also the juice of a lemon to help fermenting.



Lemon Balm Beer

So a while ago I made a couple of gallons of surprisingly popular Nettle Beer.  Using pretty much the same method (but no ginger) I thought i’d try making some with lemon balm.

I used a large carrier bag of lemon balm, stalks and all.




Brewing with Flowers at Small World Theatre

Back in June a small group of us met at Small World Theatre to pick and brew with flowers from our local hedgerows.


We picked Elderflowers and made 2 gallons of wine and around 2 gallons of ale.



A few days later I returned to strain the wine into demijohns. Now installed with others in the Theatre.


About a week later I strained the ale into recycled fizzy drinks bottles to mature for another week or so and get fizzy!


There will be another day of picking and brewing in Small World Theatre in August.