Exotic Wines (2)

Basic recipe for all fruit wines –
Some Fruit (quantity varies according to type), 1kg – 1.5kg Sugar, 6pts Water (approx), Pectolase, Super wine yeast, Nutrient.
Chop & crush fruit, add water & sugar – stir until dissolved, add yeast etc, loosely cover in a warm place for 4 – 7days stirring twice daily, Strain into demijohn.  Make sure all equipment is clean & sterilised before use!

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Exotic Wines

An advantage to living very close and paying frequent visits to the local Co-op is the increased chance of finding reduced fruit and vegetables…I’ve never made Pineapple or Mango wines before.  I started these back in November/december while earlier in the year I got enough fruit to make a gallon each of Pomegranate, Lemon and Kiwi fruit wines..

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