Lively Kitchen

A kitchen in Wales.  7 lively fermenting wines with several other slower ones.
The 7 liveliest are Blackbery the others a combination of Blackcurrant, Elderflower, Raspberry and Whitecurrant.
Recorded with a Rode NTG-1 and Sony ECM-XM1 into An Edirol R44 at full gain.  10.1dB volume boost and light noise reduction in Adobe soundbooth.


More numbers

Trying to count up the total brew in the house….

There are 2 black grape, 1 Plum and Blackberry, 1 Plum and blackcurrant, 3 Elderflower, 4 Rose petal, 1 Whitecurrant (with a few black) , 1 Raspberry,  2 Lemon, 4 Blackcurrant , 1 Elderberry and Blackberry and 14 Blackberry (11 made with this seasons fruit).  Theres also a gallon and a half of miscellaneous bottles from previous years knocking about in the cupboards and cellar…so I make it somewhere in the region of 35 gallons.  Thats around 210 bottles.

Most of it is here in the kitchen, still fermenting at various stages.  Theres 2 in the bucket and a few in the cellar too.




20130826_211318(For a Halloween special brew!)



So I’ve been counting them as I pick the blackberries..Im also wearing a pedometer to see how much distance I cover.  I should probably be timing picks too.  I think this is how to calculate my average Bpm (Blackberries per mile).