More numbers

Trying to count up the total brew in the house….

There are 2 black grape, 1 Plum and Blackberry, 1 Plum and blackcurrant, 3 Elderflower, 4 Rose petal, 1 Whitecurrant (with a few black) , 1 Raspberry,  2 Lemon, 4 Blackcurrant , 1 Elderberry and Blackberry and 14 Blackberry (11 made with this seasons fruit).  Theres also a gallon and a half of miscellaneous bottles from previous years knocking about in the cupboards and cellar…so I make it somewhere in the region of 35 gallons.  Thats around 210 bottles.

Most of it is here in the kitchen, still fermenting at various stages.  Theres 2 in the bucket and a few in the cellar too.


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