3 stages of elderflower

A triptych of processes, 2 outer ones time adujsted to be the same duration as the centre.


2 thoughts on “3 stages of elderflower

  1. Brilliant – and it is nice to see that you rack in a very similar way to me. Unsurprising, I suppose, but I have never watched anyone do it before. I will be racking my elderflower later this week.

    • Thanks Ben. I guess it will always be similar! Im not sure if theres an ideal drop distance for syphoning..I guess it depends on the length of the tube.. I try and keep the source end of the syphon just under the wine surface and the target just above to maximise the flow.

      This elderflower was pretty tasty, still fermenting very slightly but almost dry.
      I racked one of the other batch of 2 the following day which has cleared beautifully, much paler than that one, but hasnt fermented out at all. I do quite like a sweet Elderflower though! the other one of the 2 is still visibly fermenting!

      Enjoyed reading your blog, thanks again for your comment.

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