That time of year

I found enough blackberries for this years first gallon!  Looks like it should be a good crop this year too..


Basic recipe:

For 1 gallon –

3lb or more blackberries
1Kg sugar
1 lemon
cup of strong tea
Cold water

Crush Blackberries.
Add sugar, tea, sliced/juiced lemons and water, stir well.
Add a crushed campden tablet, stir it in and cover (not airtight). Leave 24 hrs before adding wine yeast, pectolase and nutrient. Ferment in the bucket for 4-6 days stirring twice daily. Strain into demijohns and fermentation should last 4-8 weeks depending on temperature, it can last much longer.

I made this last year.  The sound was recorded with 4 microphones arranged around the bucket and plays back in surround sound from DVD, just like being in the bucket, squelchy! –



3 thoughts on “That time of year

  1. Hello! I’m really curious about this! We’re in the middle of blackberry season here in the Pacific Northwest. I’m always interested in new ways to use berries and I’m just getting into fermenting. Is this a wine? Why do you use tea? Thank you!

    • Hi Amy,
      yes this country wine recipe is based on ones I read in books from the 1970s by H.E Bravery & C.J. Berry. Pretty much all of the recipes in their books include a strong cup of tea! I gather it is to increase the tannin content in the wine, making it feel more astringent and grape-like on the palate. Ive not put any in the last few gallons to see what difference it really makes!

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